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C & C Construction operates as a prime contractor and also as a reliable and user friendly major subcontractor on build only contracts or design and build contracts.C & C Construction - Concrete Solutions have a fully operational batch plant at Kandahar Airfield.

The core of our business is the construction of both buildings and  infrastructure projects. We are well equipped to handle the smallest to the largest of jobs.

As a multiple trade Construction Company we pride ourselves on our ability to work smoothly with clients, principle contractors and subcontractors to meet building and design requirements.

What sets us apart is the direct employment of our workforce and our passion for achieving the best engineered solutions for our clients.

Our involvement in the rebuilding of Kandahar Airfield since 2004 has culminated in the timely delivery of several turn-key projects.

As the prime contractor or principle subcontractor our ability has been demonstrated from projects varying from providing design and build offices, troop accommodation, warehouses, aircraft hangers, helicopter aprons, concrete supply and placement on live runways and taxiways.

C & C employs TCN workers from all corners of the globe including Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and the Philippines.

All C & C Construction employees converse well in English,195 skilled TCN workers. All employees are experienced and qualified in many disciplines ranging from Civil Works, Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical, Carpentry, Concrete, Vertical Buildings and K Span Roofing, Power Generation and more.
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